REVIEW – Origins (The Lowry)

Origins by Animikii Theatre.
Developed with The Lowry.
Upstaged Rating: 

This new piece of physical theatre by Animikii Theatre Company explores the story of the world’s first murderer: the killing of Cain by his brother Abel. The result is an intense hour of gripping storytelling communicated only through movement and sound.

Co-created by Henry McGrath and Adam Davies, who also plays Abel, Origins probes the psychological and divine relationship between the two brothers and examines the reason that the two became such hateful enemies.

The brothers relationship is well mapped from the start with Abel (Adam Davies) and Cain (Charles Sandford) engaging in enjoyable and boisterous brotherly games. Oscar Thompson’s ominous musical score resonates powerfully, from the sound of a maternal heartbeat to a discordant boom, giving further depth and meaning to the skilled physicality.

Charles Sandford as Cain towers over Adam Davies’ Abel and appears as the dominant brother from the very start. Cain proves to be diligent crop farmer and Abel a shepherd but the power balance is shifted once Abel makes a more pleasing sacrifice to their god. Could jealousy be the motivation for the murder? Did Cain feel a loss of self-esteem which powered him to kill his brother? Animikii aim to look beyond the monster that Cain appears to be and deliver a portrait of his dreams, passions and the motivations that lead him to commit fratricide.

Adam Davies and Charles Sandford are highly skilled performers and gripping to watch. Bare-chested they deliver an agile performance demonstrating precision, spatial awareness and creativity. 

Origins is a tremendous and gripping piece of physical theatre, intense and biblical in the grand sense. With every detail loaded to perfection, Animikii Theatre Company are certainly ones to watch and I can’t wait to hear about their future projects.

-Kristy Stott

Origins continues to tour through May 2016: Visiting the Southbank Centre, London on the 4th and 5th May. The tour visits the Rainhall Centre in Barnoldswick, The Bureau in Blackburn, The Barbour Institute in Tattenhall, The Goodwill Hall in Faddiley and the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. Please click here for more info and tickets.