REVIEW – Luisa Omielan(The Lowry)

Luisa Omielan 1
Date: 19 May 2015
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Following the success of Luisa Omielan’s last show What Would Beyonce Do, she has been catapulted into stardom and earned her stripes as a feisty, forthright and frankly downright funny stand-up comic. There has been a real buzz of publicity around Luisa Omielan’s latest show, Am I Right Ladies – she has made the headlines for stripping down to her spanx and the popular ‘thigh gap’ video went viral and totted up more than 10 million views on Facebook alone.

Am I Right Ladies explores Luisa’s new found fame and focuses on her life as a female comedian, being a woman and the currencies that we use to valuate ourselves and each other. Am I Right Ladies tackles subjects such as weight and body image, depression and derogatory language against women. What makes Luisa so special is that she can approach these emotive and current issues with empathy, vigor and amusement – I left Luisa’s show with an aching jaw, a big grin on my face and feeling half a stone lighter.

Luisa Omielan’s crowd is made up mainly of women although there were a few men who had curiously popped along with partners to see what all the fuss was about. Interestingly it was the men who seemed to laugh the loudest throughout the bold, brassy and fearless show. Luisa has a talent for making her audience feel privy to her hilariously personal and intimate stories -her one night stands, her holiday to Zante when she was nineteen and her liberating encounter with ‘well endowed’ Errol.

The only shame was that Luisa’s warm up act Zoe Iqbal didn’t get the liberated crowd quite as ‘lubed up’ as she had promised to, which gave the whole experience a bit of a lull before Luisa took to the stage for the main show. However, once Luisa took centre stage to the beat of some current tunes, the audience relaxed into the big night out vibe.

Luisa is no doubt a fabulous star and a real figure that many women can relate to, her future is bright and I can’t wait to see what she brings in the way of new material. Am I Right Ladies is just the ticket you need for a night out with the girls and so as Luisa says ‘Go Get Yours!’

-Kristy Stott

 Luisa continues her Am I Right Ladies tour in Belfast The Mac on the 18th-20th June 2015.